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Vernissage on 11.02.2020

Andreas Oyntzen

BigIsLittle LittleIsBig

Andreas Oyntzen works as an art teacher at the Maristengymnasium Fürstenzell near Passau

The pictures and the invitation.

His graphic work mainly consists of etchings. The motifs often develop from archaic life forms such as lichens and mosses to fantastic structures that invite you to explore. Solo and group exhibitions in Germany and Austria since 1990.



Vernissage on 15. October 2019

Barbara Muhr

Study of art education and art history.

Laureat of multiple art- and promotion awards

International exhibitions of her own and shared.

The pictures and a short biography.

Barbara Muhr uses properties typically attributed to animals, to characterize humans. She displays mythological figures, focussed in one moment, as well as composite beings of imaginable, different worlds.

The images make the observer contemplate, often also because the displayed individuals look one directly in the eyes. At the same time much is left implied, leaves place for interpretation and mythological analysis.



Vernissage on 11. Juni 2019

Daniel Wimmer: a MOMENT. The figure in the room.

The inspiration for my pictures always comes from the human body.

Particularly fascinating for me are the beautiful colors of the skin.

The pictures.

The sculptural aspect of painting is also evident in my paintings.

Since I paint hardly any details I can concentrate completely on the form and the color effect. By simplifying, enhancing the contrasts and planning the composition precisely, the image effect is enhanced.

It is also very important to me that my compositions create a credible moment. The recipient can thus identify better with the presented art. Memories and associations are awakened and the mundane is translated into something special.



Vernissage on 5. February 2019

Prof. Felix Dieckmann




First of all, because I enjoy the 'material wood' so much.

At the first glance it appears

so hard, so rejecting.

But then also soft,







Most of the time one is confronted with large, angular


But this exhibition should focus on



first of all.

It is not completely trivial to

cut them into the hard wood.




The pictures.

After studies of history and germanan philology he worked at various theaters, was professor at the Brucker-Konservatorium in Linz and staged more than 40 operas. At the same time he worked and works as visual artist. His works were on display in Linz/Austria, St. Louis Haut Rhin/France, Tampere/Finland, New York/USA, Jerusalem/Israel, Rom/Italy, Chengdou/VR China and 2018 in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki/Japan, among other locations. Woodcuts are the centerpoint of his artistic interest.



Vernissage on 11. December 2018

Ferdinand Reisenbichler

Painting, for me, is a dialect of language. It is the mistake, the inadequacy, that stands at the beginning of the act. Everything else is development and work and in the end „IT” speaks.

The pictures and the list of works.

born in 1958

Intensive artistic work since 1985.

Head of Kunstwerkstatt Gmunden / Lebenshilfe OÖ. art assistant - outsider art. art- and design therapist, visual artist, leader of a painting school. president of the KUNSTFORUM Skgt.



_Participation of cs-i at the PM Forum in Nuremberg on 23rd and 24th October 2018._

Cs-i / CONSIM International presented the Simulation "Yacht AG" and the "ISO-Puzzle" as part of the "project management simulation games".

The pictures.

The particularly favorably located stand was well attended, representatives of well-known companies showed their interest in the simulation games and simulations.



Vernissage on 16. October 2018

Birgit Schweiger

Acting lesson at the University of Art in Linz with Prof. Dietmar Brehm, Summer Academy Traunkirchen with Xenia Hausner, Art Academy Bad Reichenhall with Anton Petz

The pictures.

Exhibitions in Linz, München, Salzburg, Kassel, Berlin.

At the center of the artistic debate is mostly the human being as part of the collective with its rites and behaviors.

The freelance artist from Upper Austria deals in the current cycle with the ubiquitous, formative social connections, with the impossibility to encapsulate and delimit. Birgit Schweiger wants to make visible our invisible connections to the environment, which "play" with us similar to an unnoticed remote control and make visible the fragility of humans.



Vernissage on 19. June 2018


Mag. art.

The pictures.

Since 1986 intensively engaged with visual arts. Utilizing strictly conceptual and intuitive, spontaneous working methods. Creating paintings, sculptures and videos.

1999 - 2003 studies at the University of Art in Linz, master class sculpting

Since 2005 self-employed artist

Lives and works in 4050 Traun



Vernissage on 13. February 2018


Sun's works are about mankind, society and nature. In doing so she finds parellels to classics like Shakespear or the tale of Ikarus.

More informations (in German) and the pictures.



Vernissage on 07. November 2017

Nicola Hackl-Haslinger

Born 1974, lives and works in Linz.

Training as a goldsmith, then graduation from the Prague Photo School with distinction. The pictures.

Exhibitions domestic and abroad,

2017 nomination Rfotofolio, California, USA

2017 Artwork for Oscar and Golden Globe Award nominated composer Hauschka

„Nicola Hackl-Haslinger places her main focus on artistic photography, the source of inspiration is often literature and music. In addition to modern printing processes, her interest is in alternative photographic processes. By means of an old copper printing press from the year 1900 she produces photo engravings in very small editions. A recurrent theme in her works is the depiction of inner mental and emotional worlds.” (Mag. Silvia Müllegger (art historian and curator))



International Day of Simulation and Gaming on the 17th November 2017


CONSIM International develops and uses simulation games, because playing is the most effective way of learning.

The International Day of Simulation and Gaming is on the 18th November. As kick-off we show our simulation games on the 17th November on the topics entrepreneurial thinking and project management. Less complicated simulation games will be tried and more complex ones will be on display. We are looking forward to your visit, and kindly ask for a notice in advance via telephone (+43 7242 910994) or email.


The 18th November 2017 is the first International Day of Simulation and Gaming. On this day, many activies on Simulation and Gaming take place around the world. The simulation and gaming association SAGSAGA initiated this interactive day and coordinates the offers.



Vernissage on 30. May 2017

Angelika Offenhauser

Born 1973, lives and works in Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting, studied at the Linzer Kunstuniversität, Meisterklasse Textil under Prof. Marga Persson. The pictures.

2004 diploma thesis silk-screen printing. vielSCHICHTIGES

Blowballs become christmassy candles and from frozen window glasses palms and summer-situations arise.

The silk-screen printing since 2012 is an attempt to translate feelings to color. A visualization of tender moods or light transient. Color coatings superpose through countless printing processes. Various coatings unite desire und state.

Viewable weekdays between 8:00 and 13:00 o'clock.

or on appointment, contact: 07242 910 994 or



Vernissage on 18. April 2017

Bianca Kiso: Encaustic Art

About the artist and the works (in German). The pictures.

Viewable weekdays between 8:00 and 13:00 o'clock.

or on appointment, contact: 07242 910 994 or



Vernissage on 8. November 2016

Gerhard Binder and Hans Polterauer: About Machines and People

About the artists and the works (in German). The pictures.

Viewable weekdays between 8:00 and 13:00 o'clock.

or on appointment, contact: 07242 910 994 or



Vernissage on 21. June 2016

Henk Stolk

Graphics and painting. The photos.

Henk Stolk works as self-employed artist and restorer. For his ipad-graphics he uses modern technologies for graphical works.

Duration of exhibition: 22th of June util 04th of August 2016

Viewable weekdays between 8:00 and 13:00 o'clock.

or on appointment, contact: 07242 910 994 or



Vernissage on 08.03.2016

Inga Hehn. Drawing and Grafic Reproduction. The pictures.

Inga Hehn is the winner of the Klemens Brosch Prize (Drawing) and lecturer for lithographie at Kunstuni Linz.

Duration of exhibition: 9th of March until 4th of May 2016

Viewable weekdays between 8:00 and 13:00 o'clock.

or on appointment, contact: 07242 910 994 or




Painting and Linocut: Change of Sight. The artist is president of Künstlergilde Eferding and member of Künstlergilde Wels. The Pictures.

Her work is on display from 10. November until 29. January 2016

The pictures can be viewed from 8 to 13 o'clock

or on appointment, contact: 0043 7242 910 994 or




born in 1958. He has been intensively active as an artist since 1985. The pictures.

He is head of the Kunstwerkstatt Gmunden / Lebenshilfe OÖ

"e;Painting is a dialect of the language for me."

His pictures can be viewed until the end of July, Mondays through Fridays, 8 to 13 o'clock in our office in Kreuzpointstraße 15.



Vernissage on 10.02.2015

Artist: Klaus Schöberl. The pictures.

Born 1954 in Lambach, he grew up in Wels and is freelacing since 1993.

"Painting is my fulfillment. Not more, not less."

His pictures can be viewed until the end of March, Mondays through Fridays, 8 to 13 o'clock in our office in Kreuzpointstraße 15.



145 - An Evening with Pictures

The well-known creator of artwork Sigi Strasser and Helmut Berger celebrated their birthdays together, about 100 invited guests attended. The interview with Sigi Strasser that aired on WT 1:


Leonding manages projects . . . . according to ÖNORM ISO 21500! → PDF

With this step, the city of Leoning is Austria's first local government to apply the new standard "Guidelines Project Management" to all new projects.

The municipal manual for project management was created together with cs-i / CONSIM International in 2013. In the beginning of 2014 the pilot scheme for founding a culture- and event-GmbH was started.


The town Leonding also values cs-i / CONSIM International head start in project management!


The town Leonding also uses the cs-i ISO puzzle!



Vernissage on 28.01.2014

Artist: Andrea Hinterberger und Nasha Mayrhuber. The pictures.




The cs-i ISO Puzzle is the fastest and most vivid way INFO...

to select and sequence processes needed for a certain project.

Please click on --> Info <-- Link



Vernissage on 30.04.2013

Artist: Mag. Art. Gabriele Gruber-Gisler. The pictures...

Lives and works in Ried im Traunkreis.

Extraordinary works out of textile and ceramic.

Background music of the vernissage by the string quartet "Pirolo".

The pictures and objects can be viewed weekdays 08:00 - 14:00 in in our office.



Yacht AG

Beginning of Spring real, reality simulated?. The pictures...

To the attractive event on March 20, in the new dockyard of the Frauscher GmbH, guests from industry, banks, public and private service businesses came. The parallels between the simulated reality within the Management-Game „Yacht AG“ and the simulated maiden trip in the pool of the dockyard were surprising and initiated interesting discussions.



Vernissage on 16.10.2012

Artist: Wolfgang Quast. The pictures...

Born 1956 in Linz, grew up in Bad Zell, creates graphics in different typographies and beautiful objects out of ceramic and kitchen ware.

The exhibits found favour at the vernissage, therefore ideal as present!

The pictures and objects can be viewed weekdays 08:00 - 14:00 in in our office, Kreuzpointstraße 15, 4600 Wels!



11. Jour Demi-Fixe

On the 04.07. our 11. Jour Demi-Fixe took place.

The topic was: "Berufsfeld Coach - Ethnische Grundsätze zur Führungsunterstützung in Unternehmen". Speaker: Johann Hehenberger MBA



Vernissage on 22.5.2012

Artist: Elfe Koplinger
painter, ad designer, teacher, adult builder lives and works in Linz, Upper Austria. The pictures...

The pictures and objects can be viewed weekdays 08:00 - 14:00 in in our office, Kreuzpointstraße 15, 4600 Wels!



10. Jour Demi-Fixe

On the 17.04. the 10. Jour Demi-Fixe of the ECA-Coaches took place in our seminar room.

We welcomed may guests discussing the topic "Ist Ihre Projektabwicklung fit für die ISO 21500 - Projektmanagement?". Speaker: DI Helmut Berger